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Alex Potamianos interview with MarketWatch

MarketWatch interviews coFounder, Alex Potamianos

In case you missed it, Ellie Ismailidou, senior video producer & on-air presenter at World Street Journal and MarketWatch, interviewed Alex Potamianos, CEO and co-founder of Behavioral Signals. In his interview, adequately named “This artificial intelligence can predict your mood“, Alex had the opportunity to discuss our patented technology, behavioral signal processing, which enables computers to understand human emotions.



Alex Potamianos is a well-regarded innovator in the field of speech and natural language processing, interactive voice response systems and behavioral informatics. With Ellie, Alex talks about effective computing and its focus on understanding emotions expressed via speech, text, and videos.

“It’s an area where computers start to understand emotions”

Alex described what we do at Behavioral Signals, mentioning, that we analyze emotions and behaviors in speech. In particular, he explained that we can identify if someone feels happy, angry or sad just by listening to their voice. MarketWatch included our video analysis of a conversation between Gary Vee and Seth Godin, where the two famous men argue on science. We’ve included the whole video below.


Why is emotion recognition useful?

In the interview, Alex describes our work with call centers. By using our emotion recognition and behavioral prediction analytics technology, call centers can identify customer emotions and behaviors and hence, customer satisfaction, propensity to buy and several other KPIs in every call.

This technology can be used in several industries, for example, healthcare as Alex mentions. Especially for mental health, the software can detect early signs of dementia assisting the therapist with their diagnosis. Most of this research comes from his colleagues at the University of Southern California. A great example is how they analyzed couples therapy data and how they were able to predict accurately blame patterns. You can read more details on this research via Maria-Anna Niforos’s article on Medium.


At the end of the interview, Alex invites everybody to imagine a future where the machine will be able to connect with us on an emotional level and empathize by discussing our feelings!

So be sure to check out the entire interview on MarketWatch!

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