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Debt Collection Agencies

New Generation Analytics:
EmotionAI for your Contact Center

Behavioral Signals next-generation speech analytics technology measures and quantifies human emotions and behaviors
to give you credible actionable information. We help you achieve first call resolution, retain agents and improve reputation through satisfied customers.

How many great agents are behind your calls?

A great contact center agent has a high EQ (degree of emotional intelligence) to display empathy, build rapport, and create relationships that will influence customer behavior and lead to improved results. Agencies that cultivate and capitalize on these skills drive higher profit margins and grow faster than the competition.

Behavioral Signals develops highly accurate (90% and higher) predictive models for what motivates customers to pay and what keeps agents engaged using groundbreaking, next-generation deep learning techniques grounded in emotional intelligence and behavioral analysis.

We monitor 100% of calls to help you:

  • Increase recovery rates: identify agents in need of guidance or instruction in best practice, to increase your PtB and recovery rates.
  • Strive for first call resolution: use real-time to monitor and guide your agents to achieve desired result avoiding repeat calls.
  • Wipeout compliance risk: prevent non-compliant behavior and potential lawsuits in real-time, track every call for Mini Miranda language, FDCPA violations, abusive language.
  • Empower your agents: immediately pick up on conflict triggers, guide your agents from negative to successful behavior, help them be more effective and reduce costly agent attrition and breakage.
Behavioral Signals 3rd generation analytics with Emotion & Behavioral AI
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Quality Monitoring & Assurance

Monitor 100% of your calls with AI and take the first step towards top quality assurance. We help you ensure every single customer interaction ends on a positive tone, so your customers always remember the way you made them feel great about working with you.

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Agent Attrition & Breakage

We analyze 100% of calls to understand agents emotions and behavior, identify disengaged and frustrated agents so you can take direct and meaningful action. Behavioral Signals state-of-the-art technologies help you build up your people, help them perform better, find purpose and fulfillment while you minimise attrition.

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Compliance & Dispute Prediction

Real-time monitoring of all voice/audio data to make sure your agents comply with government regulations and company guidelines. We can help you take immediate action to intervene during an interaction to minimize emotional escalation and avoid legal action by predicting lawsuits and complaints before they are made.

Behavioral Signals DCAs

Behavioral AI for Contact Centers

Take the guesswork out of decoding your customer’s actual intent to pay with our state-of-the-art Behavioral Profiling technology. We listen to unconscious vocal signals that reveal agent incitement, customer intention, and can accurately predict the outcome to help you add real payments and purchases to your bottom line. We can help identify a kept-PTP with 90% precision.

Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream

Behavioral Signals next generation analytics technology measures and quantifies human emotions and behaviors to give you credible actionable information. We help you add real numbers and measurable value to your company.

  • Increase agents’ emotional intelligence to enhance call performance
  • Monitor agents performance to help you boost efficiency, reduce attrition, save time
  • Decode the conversational content that emotionally resonates with your clients
  • Increase your customer satisfaction to bolster your reputation
  • Provide real-time intervention to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Predict emotional tension leading to potential lawsuits and intervene well in advance
  • Recommend immediate action to diffuse tension/aggravation before it becomes a complaint
  • Predict business outcomes, agent attrition, customer churn, hot leads conversion, buying behavior, debtor behavior
  • Train agents’ soft skills focusing on positive emotional and behavioral examples to guide their conversation dynamic