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Dissecting Conversations

with AI, for actionable business insights

1,452,961 conversations analyzed up to now

Behavioral Signals Prediction Analytics

Leverage Conversational Intelligence

Our research-backed award-winning speech analytics technology measures and quantifies human emotions and behaviors to give you credible actionable information. Our powerful AI engine analyzes your conversations to help you achieve first call resolution, identify churn and up-sell opportunities, fill in the gaps about the buyer journey and lifecycle, improve reputation through satisfied customers, and improve the performance of sales, support, and success teams.

Combining the Data

Discover how you can apply emotion AI and behavioral signal processing on your conversations —calls, meetings, and all recorded discussions— to measure and improve performance, satisfaction, predict intent, through a customized range of KPIs, like agent score, agent enablement, propensity to buy, and more.

Ask us, today, how we can help you leverage your conversational data, to deliver actionable insights for your business.

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Behavioral Signals - Connecting the pieces

Predict Intent

Would you like to know, during a conversation, how close you are to a deal?
Aggregated emotions and behavioral signals can help predict whether a customer is intent on purchasing a product, renewing a service, or whether someone who owes you money will pay up. Learn how you can measure propensity to buy (or pay) and target customers with higher probability for success. Increase your sales and collection ratios, lower your costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Behavioral Signals Predicting Intent

Quantify Performance

Want to know why one sales rep is closing more deals than others? Interested in how your team deals with critical issues and deescalates tension? Want to understand what makes customers happy?
Conversation Intelligence can give you those insights. Analyze your conversations, capture alerts in real-time, identify underlying emotions and behaviors that tip the balance towards a satisfied customer or a disengaged rep. Measure conversation performance with quantified scores for reps, individual calls, and customer satisfaction.

Assess Quality

Do you want to know what works best in your conversations and why?
Behavioral signal recognition can introduce a layer of sophisticated insights to your basic speech-to-text analytics. Voice holds a wealth of information beyond the words it pronounces. The key is in how something is said and what is the underlying intent. Managers need more than just data to be able to understand what makes a rep successful and how they can coach new recruits to replicate the performance of a successful rep. Learn how you can assess the quality of a call and customer experience, by analyzing the underlying emotions and behaviors —the how— in your conversational data.

Behavioral Signals Agent Coaching
Behavioral Signals Agent-Customer matching

Influence the Outcome

Want to connect your customers with the best performing reps and see your sales increase by 10%?
We all have our quirks and sometimes these can get in the way when we communicate with others, for example over a call. Some people are really good at navigating our whims and can empathize better than others. The same applies to reps and customers, so why not select, on the fly, which rep to pair with a customer according to each individual’s behavioral signals profile. Learn more on our agent-customer matching use case and how we can make it work for your business.

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Behavioral Signals Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

We want to work with you and find those use cases that fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us how our solution can enhance your business workflow.

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