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Transform your customers’ experience with AI-Mediated Conversation(AI-MC) technology. Automatically match each customer to the best-suited agent using voice data and emotion AI, and see the overall performance and outcomes of your call center conversations reach higher levels

How AI-MC works

EU National Bank Executive

“Interactions between well-matched agents and customers appeared to be much smoother overall. It’s impressive! While walking around in the call center, one can immediately tell the difference, the level of tension in their interactions is considerably lower”.



Empower your Financial Institution, its Call Center, your BPO or Collection Agency, to incorporate AI solutions that lead to real outcomes. Discover how easy AI-MC is to implement.



Exceed Customer Expectations. Innovate faster and raise Customer Satisfaction by adding Empathy to your Communications

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Solid handling of your Data with our security protocols including GDPR compliance, SOC Certification, PII, and on-premises deployment where needed



Work with a team highly experienced in ground-breaking patented Speech-to-Emotion and Speech-to-Behaviors technologies. The research and development background of our team guarantees Innovative Fintech Solutions like AI-MC >


How AI can help banks plan in debt restructuring for NPLs
How can AI-Mediated Conversations Impact our Capacity to Interact?
Agent Customer Matching, Behavioral Profile Pairing by Behavioral Signals

The COVID19 pandemic has thrown non-performing loans (NPLs) levels into staggering heights. By the end of 2020, the US had $127.6bn (up from $95bn, end of 2019) in NPLs, and Europe was battling a €401bn wave of new in-the-red loans.

There is always an optimal setting that allows both sides to achieve the desired outcome in a business environment. And that comes down to the natural rapport that develops between two people. That rapport can be influenced by the right conversations and the right responses at the right times.

AI-Mediated Conversations(AI-MC), also known as agent-customer matching or call routing AI, recognizes that at the core of all customer interactions is a very human element. How we interact with one another. The way we answer questions.


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So what are you waiting for?

Behavioral Signals - Get started and win

So what are you waiting for?

Behavioral Signals - Get started and win