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Behavioral Signals Speech Recognition & Behavioral Modeling

Emotions & Behaviors
in Conversational Data

Recognise and measure the emotions, behavioral and interaction patterns in the conversations that affect your bottom line. Monitor and take action not only on what is being said but HOW it is being said.

Enhance the emotional intelligence of your client-facing team using state-of-the-art AI technology developed by the world’s foremost experts in the field. Learn how organizations are already leveraging this technology to boost performance across the board!


Behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral_Signals Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Data

Behavioral Signals Real-time


Behavioral Signals Deep Learning

Deep Learning

We add emotional and behavioral intelligence (with AI) to conversations ranging from contact centers, interactive bots, HR interviews, to healthcare services. By understanding the behavioral patterns of your customers and employees, you maximize revenue by matching talent to market, predicting outcomes and focusing on ROI.

Through your conversational data we can determine engagement, frustration, politeness and more by capturing emotions and deciphering how something is being said. We can predict propensity to pay or buy, monitor compliance or spot employee attrition before it happens, to only name a few of our intelligent outcomes.

With our real-time prediction technology, we help you monitor your agents and understand your customers intent, giving you the tools to take immediate action like coaching your agents to alter their behavior live, helping them perform better, or preventing mistakes that could affect your business reputation.

Our deep learning proprietary technology analyses key factors in voice like intonation, arousal, valence, prosody that along with what is being said measures emotions and behaviors like no other speech analytics platform. Incorporate emotion recognition and discover the next generation of speech analytics with the predictive power that will change your business.


Discover the next step of emotion recognition in human interactions:
Behavioral Signals

Behavioral Signal Processing is a recently proposed approach that employs state-of-the-art techniques to measure, analyze, and model human behavior directly from signals, with the ultimate goal of providing valuable information for making decisions. These computational techniques are now capable of understanding human expression and behavior and have widespread applications in contact centers, marketing calls,

healthcare, education, human-robot interaction, and beyond. Behavioral Signal Processing builds on affective computing, or emotion AI, as well as core speech processing capabilities (e.g., intonation analysis and speech-to-text) and deep (machine) learning in order to understand the “how” and “why” of behavior, especially in human-human interaction.

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