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Behavioral Signals: Patents and Awards

Behavioral Signal Technologies is a leader in extracting emotion and behavioral patterns from speech and translating them into meaningful KPIs for businesses. We’ve pioneered a field, Behavioral Signal Processing, based on over a decade’s worth of award-winning and patented research, to automatically detect this information from audio and measure the quality of human interaction. We’ve won numerous international engineering competitions highlighting that our methods are cutting-edge and state-of-the-art.

Behavioral Signals Patent

Exclusive Patent License
“Emotion Recognition System”

Patents & Awards

Behavioral Signals Patents and Awards

6 time winner of the INTERSPEECH quality of human interactions & computational paralinguistics challenge

Winner: Sentiment analysis twitter challenge SemEval/NAACL 2016

Winner: Gold-standard Emotion Sub-challenge at the 2018 ACM Audio-Visual Emotion Challenge

Numerous award winning papers

Exclusive patent license “Emotion Recognition System”

Full patent filed “Deep Actionable Behavioral Profiling and Shaping” (provisional June 2018 – full June 2019)

Two provisional patents filed on “Deep Fusion for Emotion Recognition” and “Data Augmentation for Emotion/Behavioral Profiling” (May 2019)

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