Our Products: callER and textER

Behavioral Signal Technologies’ state-of-the-art Emotion and Behavior Analytics Suite, callER (commercially available as OliverAPI), leverages award-winning, Emotion Recognition (ER) technology, to extract information directly from the audio signal by analyzing both the customer’s and agent’s emotional states using advanced patented signal processing and machine learning algorithms.

At the core of the callER Suite’s ER technology are 3 affective measures:

  • Emotion: neutral, happy, frustrated, angry, sad
  • Positivity: negative → neutral → positive
  • Strength: calm → normal → excited
Behavioral Signals callER analytics output example

In addition, callER detects when agents are being polite vs. rude, when customers are engaged vs. withdrawn, as well as agent – customer mutual influence, monitoring both sides of the conversation and providing trends and interaction statistics.

All these metrics and technologies are leveraged to accurately, swiftly, and affordably measure: Customer Satisfaction, Agent Performance, Propensity to Buy/Pay/Donate, and Overall Call Success, thereby increasing customer retention and acquisition, and reducing agent training.

Complementing the “how” and “why” provided by callER, our novel textER system provides analysis of the “what”– the words that are spoken. We are able to fuse these two data streams to leverage both the lexical content of an interaction, but also the way words are said.

On top these metrics, our software can incorporate any available metadata and internal labels to further boost system viability and provide KPIs that greatly exceed the standard of practice.