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Behavior Recognition via EQ

Behavior Recognition via EQ

Behavioral Signals was mentioned on Europlat, among other world’s leading technology companies and startups, in relat to voice technology and behavior recognition. The article entitled Can I Install Emotions Into A Robot? refers to the gap between AI and EI and today’s need to have EI-powered bots both in businesses and our everyday lives”. With the pace technology is infiltrating our workspace, soon AI and machine learning will have a bigger say in developing our business strategy. But, emotionally illiterate bots wouldn’t be of any use in strategy execution. One needs to train bots in subtle and mostly non-verbal language of emotions”.

At Behavioral Signals, we are bridging this communication gap between humans and machines by introducing emotional intelligence, from speech, into conversations with AI. We have created the fastest evolving and most robust emotion AI, enabling everyone to add emotion and behavior recognition to their own software solutions, through the Oliver API. Whether it’s for a virtual assistant on a mobile phone, on the web, in a car, on a smart speaker, or for a social robot, an interactive child’s toy, a robotic carer, companies, developers or DIY enthusiasts can now design and build engaging interactions which can seamlessly benefit from our internationally acclaimed speech emotion recognition technology. Our production-level Oliver ΑPI, offers a rich variety of emotional and behavioral metrics and allows both real-time and batch audio processing, and can readily support heavy-duty applications.

Our team is driven by a passion to bring our ground-breaking patented speech-to-emotion and speech-to-behaviors technologies to market.

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