Quentin Furhatino the 1st Robotic Movie Director


Quentin Furhatino is the 1st Robotic Movie Director and he will soon be appearing on stage in order to recruit for the top acting role for his next feature movie. So stay tuned. TBA.

Do you have what it takes to be the next big star?

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Conversational AI with Empathy

Analyzing the semantics of speech, without taking into account the emotional intelligence included in voice, is like interviewing an actor… in writing(!)… for a prime screen role. A movie director needs to hear the tone, vocal variety, excitement, engagement and much more from an actor to choose his next stars.

So why should the rest of us settle for anything less? We need a holistic approach in order to develop effective conversational AI. Understanding humans’ needs and feelings includes taking a broad approach to comprehending speech. We, at Behavioral Signals, strive to complete the analysis cycle by adding emotional and behavioral recognition.

STEP 1 – Capturing & Measuring Intonation Cues

Introducing Quentin Furhatino, a Furhat Robotics conversational AI robot, adapted by Behavioral Signals to capture emotional cues in speech. He can demonstrate his ability to capture and measure excitement, aggressiveness, confidence, vocal variety and several more factors in speech that show emotion and intent.

STEP 2 – Closing the Loop

We close the loop by using this augmented emotional intelligence to build more empathetic machines: these are machines with suitable responses and actions that show understanding of conversational context and human feelings.

If you haven’t understood why that’s important and why we’re showcasing our demo let us give you an example: think of a job interview that involves a human and a robot (or any other form of AI) where the human has enormous potential but her stress is seriously hampering her performance. Wouldn’t it be great if the AI could understand her stress and recommend she relax and think of something pleasant that would take her mind off the interview, like talking about her hobbies?

That’s where we come in with our technology. We’re striving to bridge this behavioral gap between humans and machines, by developing emotionally intelligent conversations with AI.

Quentin Furhatino, the 1st robotic movie director with emotion recognition

Quentin Furhatino, the 1st Robotic Movie Director

Follow Quentin Furhatino’s casting trail and take a shot at an interview with him!

Participants will test their capabilities in acting and Furhatino will definitely not disappoint them. He will give them their performance score, as a potential Al Pacino, Uma Thurman, Samuel Jackson or any of the other screen actors he wants to test them against. He will also give his business card and a ‘Proud to have participated’ badge!

See you there or follow him on YouTube

Behavioral Signals - Tone analysis for acting


Quentin Furhatino wins the audience’s hearts at Interspeech 2018

Quentin Furhatino, during Interspeech 2018 demonstrated his ability to capture and measure excitement, aggressiveness, confidence, vocal variety and several more factors in speech, that showed emotion and intent. The demo attracted over 230 visitors, who tried to imitate Al Pacino’s or Samuel Jackson’s acting tone from Scarface and Pulp Fiction respectively, aiming at a good score and high position on the overall score ladder. Among the participants were fellow exhibitors and conference officials, who showed excitement for a well designed demo.

Quentin Furhatino at Interspeech
Furhatino is off

Where to next?

Quentin Furhatino will soon be casting on stage. TBA.

Last November he stopped by the Opentalk 2018 event in San Francisco, while in December he attended the IEEE SLT 2018 event in Athens. Great audience at both events!

Join us on stage or at our booth and learn how our emotional intelligence SDK can impact your business.

Quentin Furhatino at the IEEE SLT 2018 event

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