How Emotion AI & Behavioral Signals is Helping Payments & Fintech

Scott Hawksworth of Soar Payments hosted Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals, at PAYPOD: The Payments and Fintech Podcast, a weekly show that explores the fast-changing world of payments and fintech. Scott and Rana discussed new technologies powered by AI that are being developed to help banks in these areas, like AI-Mediated Conversations (AI-MC).

Listen along to learn more about this revolutionary technology and its applications.

Episode Summary:
Tools built to leverage AI offer many benefits to banks. This episode focuses on how emotional and behavioral AI technology specifically offers tremendous ROI. Rana Gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals Technologies joins the show to discuss their technology, its applications to the finance world, and where AI itself is headed.

Key Quotes:

“We all have a unique conversation bioprint… what Behavioral Signals has been able to do is codify that conversational bioprint and gather insights from acoustics analysis of previous interactions. Take that knowledge, and create accurate behavioral profiles, and then use those profiles to find the best matches to have good conversations. It’s less about who’s a good agent or a bad agent, there are good matches and bad matches.”

“Our technology can guide the conversational dynamic with the ultimate goal of improving the outcome. Whether that has to do with better customer experience, increased collections, or faster resolution time.”

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