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Behavioral Signals at Interspeech

Gearing up for Interspeech 2018 in India

Want to learn how our conversational AI platform can enhance service interactions for intelligent virtual assistants, robots, and chatbots? We’re excited to announce that Behavioral Signals’ team will be present at...

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Alex Potamianos interview with MarketWatch

MarketWatch interviews our CEO

In case you missed it, Ellie Ismailidou, senior video producer & on-air presenter at World Street Journal and MarketWatch, interviewed Alex Potamianos, CEO and co-founder of Behavioral Signals. In his...

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What is 'Behavioral Signals'?

Behavioral Signals: What is that?

Behavioral Signals? Say what? No Wikipedia lemma (as of May 2018). Oops… Do not despair. Fortunately there is a lemma for “behavior” and “signal”. So let’s try to put 2 and...

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Does Google Duplex Scare You?

Does Google Duplex Scare You?

Just in case you have not listened to the telephone calls placed by Google’s latest conversational application code-named “Duplex” you should. Google Duplex can place calls and make restaurant reservations or...

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Behavioral Signals on Company Spotlight ETW Advisors

Mind reading: fantasy or science?

Behavioral Signals was the focus of the Company Spotlight for ETW Advisors as Benjamin Miller, editor of ETW Advisors Medium, interviewed our founders Shri Narayanan and Alex Potamianos, a while ago....

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