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In the Press

Press coverage from around the world
Behavioral_Signals_Rana_Gujral_HACKERNOON Voice and Privacy

Voice Analysis and your Privacy

Rana Gujral writes, in Hackernoon, about the public's privacy concerns regarding face, voice & emotion recognition as biometric identifiers. He argues voice, when it...

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Redefining Communication with Emotion AI

Redefining Communication

ReadWrite, a medium that aggregates professional communities dedicated to specific subjects of interest such as smart homes, AR/VR, and APIs, hosted Rana Gujral's article...

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Behavioral Signals Customer Service and Privacy

Customer Service and Privacy

Glyn Moody, is a freelance journalist who writes and speaks about privacy, surveillance, digital rights, open source, copyright, patents and general policy issues involving...

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Rana Gujral on Tech Funnel about VoiceFirst Technology

Voice First and its Benefits

TECH FUNNEL hosted our CEO Rana Gujral where he shared his thoughts and opinions about Emotionally Acute AI and how Voice First technology can...

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