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What is Emotion AI on TechTalks

TechTalks on What is Emotion AI?

Rana Gujral wrote, in TechTalks, about Emotion AI and Emotion Recognition as the latest technology trend. How it affects the way we live and do business and the problems it solves.

Love, surprise, joy, anger, sadness, and fear are some of a human’s emotions. The ability to perceive and interpret feelings is called emotional intelligence. When machines acquire the ability to understand human emotion and how to respond to, that’s where emotion AI comes in. “Emotion AI can piece together an entirely new map of the intention behind a conversation, going well beyond the surface level words spoken. By collecting behavior signals related to emotions, perceived thoughts, behaviors identified in speech, ideas and beliefs. “.

“Emotion AI will be at the core of this push in voice and other, emerging technologies”

Tech Talks and Rana mention how applications or emotionally intelligent AI are already becoming prevalent across industries. Systems that can both detect human facial expressions and vocal cues are being used to identify and process emotional input during customer service, training, healthcare, and financial interactions, and education.

For machines to supplement or even replace humans one day for fundamental interactions, they must be capable of identifying and responding to the vast amount of data that comes in the human voice and facial expressions. Studies have shown that our sense of hearing is incredible acute at identifying emotions in conversation. We can even “hear a smile” as has been shown in several studies. People can identify emotions in a voice even when they do not speak the language of the individual with whom they are conversing. It’s an innate ability we’ve developed over millennia of social interaction, and machines are just now beginning to decode it.

If you want to learn more about Emotion AI and its future, read the full article on TechTalks.