This Week In Voice TV with Bradley Metrock & Rana Gujral

Bradley Metrock, CEO, Project Voice; General Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners, hosts Rana Gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals at This Week In Voice TV show. Season 6 Episode 4 also features Jon Stine, Executive Director, Open Voice Network, and Thomas Lindgren, Executive Chairman, Wanderword.

Rana talked about conversational AI and how a variety of insights can be extracted from voice and voice tonality. AI-Mediated Conversations is an AI-powered profile matching engine between call center agents and clients. The technology builds behavioral profiles, also called conversational bioprints, to find the best-suited matches for agents and callers in a call center. This results in better conversations and customer experience, improving CSAT and NPS.

Gartner included AI-Mediated Conversations, case-study in Banking, in their June 2020 report ‘3 Best Practices for Product Managers to Drive Adoption of Emotion AI Technology’