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Behavioral Signals on Company Spotlight ETW Advisors

Mind reading: fantasy or science?

Behavioral Signals was the focus of the Company Spotlight for ETW Advisors as Benjamin Miller, editor of ETW Advisors Medium, interviewed our founders Shri Narayanan and Alex Potamianos, a while ago. Shri and Alex had the chance to share their story and insights on the future of emotion recognition and their view on how technology can serve humanity for good.

“A lot of our work revolves around the concept of empathy,” said Shri during the interview adding that “the success of so many interactions is linked to one’s ability to feel for their communication partner. With just an ounce of practical thinking, it’s easy to take this idea and run with it.”

The article also mentions Behavioral Signals’ potential in various industries where the ability to understand human communication is crucial such as sales calls and healthcare. Read the full article here.

2 Ways Behavioral AI Can Help You Increase your Collections

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