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Healthcare meets Artificial Intelligence: an amazing future

Rana Gujral Behavioral Signal’s CEO was interviewed by Sam Mire, Market Research Analyst, with experience in the field of disruptive technology for Disruptor Daily. The online magazine covers the latest in Blockchain Industry trends, bringing together the top thought leaders and disruptors who are shaping this exciting technological revolution. This interview is part of the “AI in Healthcare” series, that hosts the world’s top thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between AI and healthcare.

Healthcare without empathy is health without care

Gujral was asked to talk about Behavioral Signals and how artificial intelligence can be used when it comes to healthcare. He emphasized the significant strides AI is making in this field and explained how crucial it is for healthcare to have a human face. “We believe that healthcare without an emotional element can be socially inept and behaviourally weird. Healthcare without empathy is health without care, and that’s why up to now its key players were only human beings”.

Use cases

Furthermore, Rana referred to the groups that can benefit from AI in healthcare, such as patients with chronic diseases or anxiety, the elderly who need support to live independently. Medical staff also needing help to cope with day-to-day stressful conditions which can lead to burnout.

The conversation ended by sharing specific use cases the team is working on at Behavioral Signals: “One of our major clients delivers support to psychologists by using our technology to capture the early onset of mental health issues; furthermore, we’re working with a medical technology partner to build a social robot that can help the elderly, with their drug regime, while supporting them during those times where they feel ‘down’, and alongside another partner, we’re working on a wellness app, for a smartwatch provider, that will monitor your personal emotions through your voice”.

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