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Rana Gujral interview with IOL South Africa

Emotion technology: the future of AI

Rana Gujral was interviewed on Emotion Technology at AI Everything Summit in Dubai by the tech editor Mpiletso Motumi for IOL, a leading multi-platform medium in South Africa that includes 20 of the country’s most prominent newspapers in Cape Town and Durban. Independent Online, popularly known as IOL, is Independent’s digital offering, and brings millions of readers breaking news as events happen in the country and around the world.

The interview covered several aspects of emotion technology, stemming from what he presented on stage. Rana discussed how emotion AI and the Oliver API can enable anyone to add emotion recognition to their own software solutions and how that can lead to a wealth of emotional insights captured from voice. He explained how the technology works with voice data and what kind of information is captured and measured. “By far the most superior mechanism of deducing emotions is the voice. We are bad at masking our emotions through voice. When you are listening to just voice cues you get a much higher reading on the emotion state of mind and that’s why we focus exclusively on voice.”

Rana also talked about behavioral prediction gave an example of intent analysis by mentioning the engine’s ability to predict with over 82% accuracy the propensity for someone to pay over a call.

Going forward they discussed personal data and how important regulations are in order to protect people’s privacy. He ended with a challenging personal goal, to educate the market on the vast potential of voice technologies and emotion AI.

To read the full article head over to IOL and the topic Emotion Technology in the Future.