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Interview Rana Gujral - YouInc Can Artificial Intelligence Support Your Business?

Can Artificial Intelligence Support Your Business?

Jordan Rosenfeld, freelance writer and author, interviewed our CEO Rana Gujral along with Amy Smith on Artificial Intelligence for, a platform that loves innovation and aims at building an even stronger network of entrepreneurs. Amy Smith, who was interviewed along with Rana, is a tech analyst for They discussed how AI benefits businesses nowadays, the new era coming with emotional intelligence and how customers actually experience AI solutions.

In this frame, Amy Smith commented on how businesses utilize AI to better perform and upgrade their services. “Whether you’re an online business or a retail business there are plenty of ways we’re already using AI and machine learning, and it’s going to improve over the next few years, too”. Chatbots can interact with customers and answer questions, Voice Assisted Search like Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant can help customers through voice search, while big data and analytics are a huge asset for businesses.

Helping Artificial Intelligence understand the context and intent of a person’s speech

Rana said that something is missing in business around artificial intelligence. He explained that emotional intelligence is decisive for AI to further understand the context and talked about a new area where technology meets behavioral recognition. “Helping AI understand the context and intent of a person’s speech can help do such things as match a customer service agent to the right customer or help agents deliver better service in real-time through AI-based analytics. “Imagine a tool that is listening in and guiding you. It can say Slow down, the customer is angry or disengaged based on what you mentioned”.

The conversation ended with Amy Smith taking a stand on the theory that wants AI replacing human jobs. “AI is more likely to create new jobs, such as the mechanical and coding aspects of the tech. Plus, she says, “I think there will be a creation of more jobs, higher paid jobs than those that AI and bots would take over “.

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