Voice Insights - Rana Gujral on Voiciety podcast

Deducing intelligent and actionable insights from Voice

Seth Lugibihl from VOICIETY -a podcast and community of creators, developers, and makers in Voice – hosted Rana Gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals. They discussed how emotion recognition and behavioral prediction can make conversational apps be more empathetic. By processing speech and analyzing specific intonality signals we can deduce insights from voice that can help resolve business problems like CSAT scores or rep performance, to name a few.

Dive into the episode, and learn everything on Emotion AI, Conversational Apps, and insights that come from voice.

Voice Insights

In this episode, Seth Lugibihl talks with Rana Gujral CEO of Behavioral Signals which is a company that focuses on deducing intelligent and actionable insights from conversations through their Emotion AI engine for voice – Oliver API. They dived into the topic of Emotion AI and Voice, some background into the field, as well as what verticals are seeing success with emotion recognition for conversations.

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