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Behavioral Signals callER engine

callER Emotions & Behavior Recognition
Analytics Engine

We provide you with a 3rd generation analytics engine – callER – to monitor and measure in real time tone, talk-time, emotions, customer satisfaction, agent score, and much more… Discover what it can do for your bottom line.

callER Analytics Engine Demo

Our state-of-the-art emotion and behavior recognition analytics engine, callER, leverages award-winning, Emotion Recognition technology, to extract information directly from the audio signal by analyzing both the customer’s and agent’s emotional states using our advanced patented Behavioral Signal Processing (BSP) and deep learning algorithms.

What we Measure in Speech

Behavioral_Signals callER outputs

Speaking rate and ratio
Tone variety
Emotions (anger, happiness, sadness, frustration)
Emotional valence
Empathy Rapport
Propensity to Buy/Pay
Customer satisfaction
Agent performance score
Agent/Customer rapport

and more…

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Use cases with an impact on your bottom line


Our platform has automated the conversational analysis process to provide you with a closed-loop solution to continuously evaluate and enhance the quality of your services and agents. With the Agent Performance Score, you can evaluate, compare, identify issues and train your agents to be more effective. Read more…


We help you ensure every single customer interaction ends on a positive tone, so your customers always remember the way you made them feel great about working with you. Monitor 100% of your calls with our conversational AI platform, and take the first step towards top quality assurance. Read more…


We develop highly accurate predictive models for what motivates customers to pay or buy and what keeps agents engaged using next-generation deep learning techniques grounded in emotional intelligence and behavioral analysis. This allows us to match agents with customers for optimum effectiveness. Read more…


We monitor and analyze agent & customer interactions for emotion indicators & interaction patterns like speaker’s dominance, voice variation, politeness etc. to allow you to optimize agent training by targeting specific behaviors, giving constructive feedback and testing results real-time.


We determine agent engagement by deciphering emotions & behavior. With our agent attrition and breakage algorithms, we identify distressed, emotionally detached and low-performing employees for you to take action and make intelligent hiring decisions. Read more…


We bolster your reputation. With our real-time compliance and dispute prediction technology, we help you take immediate action before a complaint is even formed in the mind of the customer. Read more…


We add behavioral AI to calls. By understanding the behavioral patterns of your customers, you maximize revenue by knowing who to call when, focusing on customers with higher propensity to pay (PTP) avoiding costly follow-up calls. Read more…

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