Behavioral Signals named in GARTNER Maverick Research Emotion AI report

Behavioral Signals Named in Gartner Maverick* Research

Behavioral Signals Named in Gartner “Maverick* Research: Emotion AI Will Become You Without Your Knowledge” Report


Behavioral Signals, a leader in emotion artificial intelligence for speech recognition technology, based in Los Angeles, CA, announces its inclusion in a recent research report published by Gartner.

The report, published by Gartner and titled Maverick* Research: Emotion AI Will Become You Without Your Knowledge (ID: G00450630) (Gartner subscription required), names Behavioral Signals in the Five Use Cases for Emotion/Behavior AI and Their Accuracy Levels. Analysts Gavin Tay, Bern Elliot, and Annette Zimmermann conducted the research which was published on November 29, 2019.

“Traditional NLP and speech recognition offerings focus on ‘what’ is being said. We take it a step further and introduce the ability to also understand ‘how’ it is being said

“Traditional NLP and speech recognition offerings focus on ‘what’ is being said. We take it a step further and introduce the ability to also understand ‘how’ it is being said,” says Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals. “We capture and measure vocal cues from conversations, focusing strongly on emotions and behaviors, which allow us to better understand human-to-human interactions to best predict and improve possible outcomes with very high accuracy.”

Behavioral Signal Processing is based on over a decade’s worth of award-winning and patented research and automatically detects information that is encoded in the human voice from audio to measure the quality of human interaction. Their OliverAPI is built with this technology (BSP), allowing companies to introduce Emotion AI into their applications to offer a rich variety of emotional and behavioral recognition metrics.

“This technology can be used with voice assistants, robots, and any other inanimate object we interact with through voice,” says Alex Potamianos, CoFounder and CTO. “Our technology can be integrated into machines to understand the emotions, the mood and the intentions of a person through their voice. In this way, the human mind interacts with the science of artificial intelligence while it adopts human emotional intelligence.”

According to the report, “as artificial intelligence learns to read human emotions, its ability to emulate and manipulate individuals will grow. Laws and morality must shift to meet this new challenge, guide principled use and protect people’s innermost states. (Maverick research exposes unconventional thinking and advice.)”

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About Behavioral Signals
Founded in 2016, Behavioral Signals enhances communication between humans and human-to-machine by deducing intelligent and actionable insights from voice using deep learning and NLP. Their robust Oliver API is able to not only discover genuine emotion but also predict the speaker’s intent via behavioral analysis. Behavioral Signals offers a new level of customer satisfaction and understanding to, but not limited to, the technology, education, retail, and healthcare industries. They have offices in Europe and Los Angeles, CA.