Celebrating Our Teammates

Alex Potamianos CTO Behavioral Signals

Jedi Master

Alex Potamianos

CTO & Co-founder


What was your previous role before Behavioral Signals?

University Professor

What is your role at Behavioral Signals?


What do you find most disruptive/ challenging at Behavioral Signals?

Building machines that can understand human emotions

What kind of work would make you excited to get out of bed on Monday morning?

A day free of meetings

Who are your role models and mentors?

Petros Maragos and Michael Tomasello

What professional mistakes have you’ve learned most from?

Spending more time explaining things

What is the biggest technological challenge in Emotion AI right now?

Understanding emotions in context

What is the biggest challenge for ML now? What breakthrough are you expecting in the future?

Modeling human cognitive processes

What makes you happy?


What makes you angry?

Poor communication

What makes you dream?


What makes you get up and moooooove?

Good vibes

If you had a ‘warning’ label, what would it say in one word?

Bored easily

Can procrastination be useful?

If u can get away with it

Post-its OR whiteboards?


Tea or coffee?


Food you never get bored eating?

Green beans

Book or movie you would suggest for someone to read/see?

Good, bad and the ugly by Sergio Leone

Who are you going to tag to do this interview next?

Myself, stuck in a loop ūüėÄ