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meilo by Behavioral Signals

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Emotional Intelligence

Strong Emotional Intelligence is the core of excellent customer experiences. But, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why top AI engineers at Behavioral Signals built meilo. It measures the subtle behavioral patterns in voice conversations between agents and customers, so you can have x-ray vision to the truth of your sales and support teams’ effectiveness.

meilo leverages huge amounts of voice-data and deep learning to provide valuable data-informed business insights. With meilo you can now track not only what is being said but how it is being said, the emotions, intentions, state-of-mind and behaviors of agents and customers. Discover how emotionAI can supercharge your contact center.

> Best in Class Call Metrics

> Custom Machine Learning

> Smart Notifications

> Transcripts for Every Call

> Emotions & Behaviors for Every Call

> NLP & Tone Fusic Analytics

> Influence & Tone Change Metrics

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Measure Intent with Emotions & Behaviors

meilo measures emotions and behaviors such as confidence, engagement, happiness, anger, boredom, and excitement so you can understand the intent of your customers. Will they buy your product? Is a customer at risk for churn? Get detailed reports and dashboards analyzing leading indicators of success for every call with every customer.

Influence & Tone Change

Understand how effective your team is at influencing the customer toward a more positive customer experience. meilo measures the change of tone in a customer throughout the call, so you know if calls are going well.

Best-in-class Call Metrics

Talk time analytics, sentiment analysis, and accurate call transcripts are just a few of the best-in-class call metrics featured in meilo, making this the only call analytics product you’ll ever need!

Smart Notifications

Keep your team engaged with the most relevant leading indicators of success with smart notifications. meilo can send regular digest emails showing top customer interaction moments to celebrate with your team, red-flag calls needing review for coaching, and more. We integrate with performance and motivation management software to automate celebrations of great customer moments!



Best in class call metrics

Emotions & Behaviors for every call

Influence & Tone Change Metrics

Smart Notifications


Best in class call metrics

Emotions & Behaviors for every call

Influence & Tone Change metrics

Smart Notifications

Custom Machine Learning

Transcripts for every call

NLP & Tone Fusion Analytics

Intent Predictions (Buy Signals, Churn Signals, CSAT workflows)

Discover meilo on Talkdesk appconnect  (Release date: end of November)

Emotion AI

for Superior Customer Experience

Add the meilo app to your Talkdesk installation upon release, and win 1 month of FREE use and an hour of one-to-one consultation with a senior AI consultant.

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