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Unveil actionable insights from your conversations using the fastest evolving emotion AI engine

meilo’s next generation analytics technology measures and quantifies human emotions and behaviors to give you credible actionable information. We help you add real numbers and measurable value to your company.

meilo leverages huge amounts of voice-data with deep learning to provide valuable data-informed business insights. With meilo you can now track not only what is being said but how it is being said, the emotions, intentions, state-of-mind and behaviors of agents and customers. Discover how emotion AI can supercharge your contact center.


✓ Emotional Analysis using Text & Vocal cues

✓ Highlighted Emotions across Call Recording

✓ Tone Change Metrics

✓ Intent Analysis

✓ Data-driven ML Model Updates

✓ Agent Score

✓ Customer Satisfaction Score

✓ Overall Tone for Agent and Customer

✓ Transcription (ASR)

meilo Call View screen

✓ Talk time Analysis

✓ Overlap Talking Analysis

✓ In-call Annotation & Bookmarking

✓ Keyword Search in Transcription

✓ Drill Down Capability for Individual Calls

✓ Agent and Campaign Groupings

✓ Filter by Date Range, Call Duration, Agents, Campaigns or Accounts

✓ Play Call Recording

✓ Emotions and Behaviors over Transcription Visualization

Business Intelligence

Our deep learning AI technology analyzes what and how something is being said, on both sides of the conversation, to measure an agent’s performance and overall quality of conversation. It listens to your agent or sales rep —and the customer— in order to capture and measure politeness, composure (calm vs agitated), empathy towards the customer, customer’s reactions, and overall speaking style like slow, fast, engaged or disengaged, in order to calculate the conversation quality score and the agent’s performance.

Customer Experience

Strong Emotional Intelligence is at the very core of excellent customer experiences. But, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why our AI engineers and contact center experts at Behavioral Signals built meilo. It measures the subtle behavioral patterns in voice conversations between agents and customers, so you can gain x-ray vision into your sales and support teams’ effectiveness. Use its powerful automatic transcription (ASR) with Emotions & Behavioral labeling, for every call, to discover the underlying sentiment and intentions of every call.

Boost Agent Efficiency & Performance

Monitor agents’ performance and decode the conversational content that emotionally resonates with your customers. Train agents’ soft skills focusing on positive emotional and behavioral examples to guide their conversation dynamic. Increase agents’ emotional awareness and enhance their sales performance.

Find & Bookmark Calls Worth Sharing with the Team

Keep your team engaged with the most relevant leading indicators of success with smart annotating and bookmarking. Integrate with performance and motivation management software to automate celebrations of great customer moments!

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Workflow Example 01

Quality Monitoring Assurance

1. Search for the campaigns with the highest negativity scores
2. Discover which agents handled the top 10 negative calls
3. Dive into each of the 10 calls
4. See where in the call there were negative emotions, above the transcription, and playback the call to hear exactly what was said and how it was said.
5. Add annotations
6. Bookmark the call for reference during agent feedback or coaching

Workflow Example 02

Agent Behavioral Performance Score

1. Go through your campaign calls
2. Discover your top performing agents
3. Drill into some of their calls to discover what makes them successful
4. Understand how the tone of the agent and customer changes over the call
5. See the positive customer and agent emotions exhibited at specific moments
6. Search for keywords like ex. price or product name
7. Annotate emotional labels
8. Bookmark calls for reference during agent training

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