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Behavioral Signals Quality Assurance

Quality Monitoring
& Assurance

We help you ensure every single customer interaction ends on a positive tone, so your customers always remember the way you made them feel great about working with you. Monitor 100% of your calls with AI and take the first step towards top quality assurance.

The Forest vs The Tree of Quality Assurance

More Than A Feeling: Master Emotional Intelligence to Boost Performance

For decades contact centers assess the quality of their services and agents, mostly by engaging in variations of the “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” method. With minimal use of technology, QA managers must manually mine through endless call logs to discover the 10% to 20% best or worst that stand out, because even incremental advancements in evaluating quality have proven to add considerable value to their business.

For your busy supervisors and managers it’s an unwelcome task they often hurry through, or try to fit into each shift, piled onto their increasing responsibilities. They spend hours listening to calls, search logs, read transcripts, evaluate, document, fill out forms, and eventually, maybe, get round to actually coaching agents. Random manual selection costs time, people, money and provides very little in return.

Behavioral Signals award-winning first emotionally intelligent platform callER sets your people free! Our groundbreaking technology automatically listens to 100% of calls, using advanced analytics to give you the tools and deep insights to understand how your agents perform and precisely predict behaviors so that your QA managers can actively work toward driving agents to excel and significantly improve upon the quality of your operation.

Impact of effective Quality Monitoring on the bottom line:

  • Contact centers lacking speech analytics miss 90% of customer communications information
  • 40% of customers say their experience is a key driver to spend more with a company
  • 10% increase in customer retention levels results in a 30% increase in the value of a company
  • Companies who understand customers’ needs enjoy a 28% year-over-year revenue increase

Did I Do That? Monitoring Quality with 3rd Generation Analytics [HOW WE DO IT]

We have analyzed millions of calls related to specific outcomes including politeness, happiness, agent frustration, anger, fatigue, agitation, and we apply our cutting-edge technology to pick up on subtle voice patterns, in real time from a live or recorded audio signal. Our deep learning algorithm(s) then connect the rich set of emotional and behavioral properties picked up during each interaction, monitoring overall performance on each call to build exact predictive models. Our platform has automated the conversational analysis process to provide you with a closed-loop solution to continuously evaluate and enhance the quality of your services and agents.

Behavioral_Signals Oliver outputs

We monitor 100% of calls in real time to determine:

– Agents speaking rate and tone variation
– Agent and customer speaking time ratios and speaking alterations
Active listening time, silence and overlap ratios in an interaction
Agent fatigue
– Agent performance score
– Mini-miranda and company guidelines compliance
– Agent attrition probability
– Agent/Customer Rapport
Customer satisfaction
– Interaction success

I Saw the Sign: Transform Quality Monitoring & Assurance With Emotion & Behavioral analytics

Behavioral Signals cloud-based emotionally intelligent speech analytics technology is affordable, versatile and scalable. We find and interpret unconscious vocal signals to reveal surefire signs of enhanced, or diminished, agent performance. By analyzing agent and customer interactions for emotion indicators such as intonation, and interaction patterns like speaker’s dominance, our platform identifies what both parties are feeling with [90%] precision to provide accurate behavioral outcome predictions to help you increase the quality of your services, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Behavioral Signals & meilo screenshot: capturing emotions