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Predict Intent

We develop deep learning models that can predict intent, thus enabling a business to cut through the guesswork

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Predicting Intent - Behavioral Signals

Will your customer purchase?

Oliver by Behavioral Signals

Our Oliver engine predicts intent using voice and artificial intelligence models to identify the likelihood of a specific future outcome based on historical data, metadata, and deep learning algorithms. The goal is to use what has happened up to now to predict what will happen in the near future.

That doesn’t make Oliver a prophet or an oracle… it’s the power of his AI engine that captures and aggregates —during conversations— emotional and behavioral signals in voice, feeding complex models to  predict business-relevant outcomes with high accuracy. These outcomes include whether a customer is intent on purchasing a product, renewing a service, or whether someone who owes money will pay up.

Why is Intent Prediction important?

Predicting intent allows businesses to anticipate outcomes, become proactive, and plan ahead based on data and not on hunches or assumptions. For example, by integrating these predictive analytics, businesses will be able to more easily identify hot leads and prioritize their outreach accordingly or quickly detect customers who would potentially churn.

Behavioral Signals Predicting Intent
Predicting Intent with the What and How

Conversational AI & Predicting Intent

Our deep learning technology, backed by award-winning cognitive modeling and advanced machine learning algorithms, has matured into the Oliver engine (SaaS), which takes a two pronged approach to predicting intent with very high probability accuracy. It enriches conventional text analytics —the what has been said— with a sophisticated layer of vocal cues analysis —the how something is said.

Our business KPIs, like Customer Propensity to Buy (CPtB) or Propensity to Pay are based on models that are built with hundreds of hours of annotated data, by humans, pushing prediction accuracy beyond what conventional speech-to-text labelling or keyword spotting can offer. These models can provide feedback on the intention of the customer. Is she close to being convinced to buy? Is she close to canceling her account? Paying her overdue debt? The aim is to give feedback to the salesperson or rep in order to adapt her strategy and achieve the result she is seeking for, timely and efficiently.

Our technology removes the guesswork on customer’s intent, based on their conversation,

offering a valuable follow-up contact strategy tool to the organization, prioritizing further contact with those customers that are closer to reaching a decision, whether a favorable (buying/renewing) or even a non-favorable one (churning/not paying).

Where else can intent prediction be applied?

Predictive analytics are finding applications in several industries where specific problems need to be anticipated and resolved fast, or where new opportunities can be discovered from data. Some of the pilots we’re working on include:

Customer churn: Predict breakage and manage satisfaction. Retain your best customers.

Sales enablement: Predict customer responses or purchases, while promoting cross-sell opportunities.

Employee attrition: Identify distressed, emotionally detached and low-performing employees so you can take action on time.

Compliance: Verify regulation adherence and course-correct fast.

Reputation management: Bolster your reputation by predicting escalation early on during a conversation.

Fraud detection: Detect patterns and capture distressing behaviors early on.

Talk to us today about how we can integrate with your CRM or how we can directly work together on finding a solution that focuses on your business-related KPIs

Looking for ASR or basic Speech Analytics to get you started?

Oliver ASR

Oliver ASR+

Looking for a credible ASR solution? Utilize Oliver’s powerful ASR and add to the mix PCI detection and redaction (always important to protect personal data), keyword spotting, topic detection, conversation summary, and our prime offering… emotion recognition.

OLIVER API offering

Oliver API

Feeling confident in working with APIs and raw outputs? Whether it’s for a virtual assistant on a mobile phone, on the web, in a car, on a smart speaker, or for a social robot, you can now design and build engaging interactions that can seamlessly benefit from our internationally acclaimed speech emotion recognition technology. Introduce Emotion AI for Voice with our robust and fast evolving OliverAPI

Curated KPIs with Behavioral Signals

Our Curated KPIs

Whether it’s customer experience, quality monitoring or predicting intent we probably have a key performance indicator that can fit your business. If not, we would be more than happy to discuss your pain points and see how our technology can serve your business needs. We will be by your side from development to large scale deployment.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve got the data we have the smart solution for you!

Contact us now and we will answer all your questions.

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