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Inside Sales with Behavioral Signals

Emotional Intelligence
in Sales

Increase revenue in sales as much as 10 percent, by making salespeople aware of their own and the customers’ emotions, predict behaviors from the conversational data in real-time, and prioritize their actions to maximize the likelihood of a sale

How is Emotional Intelligence derived from Conversational Data?

Augmented Emotional Intelligence

Our callER engine scans through millions of calls capturing and analyzing, in real-time, signals in conversational data ranging from speech rate, comparative talk time between agent and customer, up to positivity, arousal, openness… just to name some of the attributes being tracked.

This builds up to an augmented emotional intelligence that can help the salesperson understand themselves, their customer and prioritize their next actions in order to achieve their goal. The sale.

How does it work for Sales?

Fight or Flight - Behavioral Signals

Disarm Prospects’ Fight or Flight Response to a Cold Call

A prospect’s initial reaction when getting a call from an unknown party is instinctive – fight or flight. A successful cold call will immediately disarm the fight or flight response so you can set the stage for success. Behavioral Signals has developed technology to help your sales team get better at disarming this critical fight or flight response.

Setting the Right Tone - Behavioral Signals

Set the Stage with the Right Tone

Once your sales team has disarmed the fight or flight response in a cold call, they need to set the stage with the right tone. The tone can vary depending on who you’re talking to and what you’re selling, but establishing leadership in the call with the appropriate tone is one of the most important expressions of emotional intelligence in sales. Behavioral Signals can provide the tools necessary to improve this important skill.

Pain Points - Behavioral Signals

Identify the True Pain Points of your Prospects

Just as in a game of poker, prospects have tells – micro-expressions of truth that are often difficult or impossible for people to hear-see on their own. Behavioral Signals utilizes the latest AI technology to uncover these tells and help you focus on the pain points that really matter to the prospect so you can drive higher deal sizes and close deals faster.

Generate Interest - Behavioral Signals

Generate Interest and Capture Attention

No one wants to sit through a boring sales call. Successful salespeople know that generating interest and capturing attention is fundamental to winning business. But how, exactly, can you capture attention and interest in your prospects? Behavioral Signals can provide tools to help you understand what drives attention in prospects most, and how you can bring it to your customer base to close more deals.

Build Rapport - Behavioral Signals

Build Rapport for Better Objection Rebuttals

Responding to an objection from a prospect is all about getting on the same page and helping them see things the way you see them. Studies show that the best way to help people see things the way you see them is by building rapport with the prospect and engaging them in language they instinctively understand.
Behavioral Signals can help you understand how to build better rapport with prospects and use this build a stronger pipeline.

Close on a Positive Tone

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but
people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
Behavioral Signals, Inc. can help you ensure every single customer interaction ends on a positive tone, so your customers always remember the way you made them feel great about working with you.

callER Analytics Engine Demo

Our state-of-the-art emotion and behavior recognition analytics engine, callER, leverages award-winning, Emotion Recognition technology, to extract information directly from the audio signal by analyzing both the customer’s and agent’s emotional states using our advanced patented Behavioral Signal Processing (BSP) and deep learning algorithms.

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