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Our state-of-the-art Emotion and Behavior Analytics Suite, callER, leverages award-winning, Emotion Recognition (ER) technology, to extract information directly from the audio signal by analyzing both the customer’s and agent’s emotional states using advanced patented signal processing and machine learning algorithms.


At the core of the callER Suite’s ER technology are 3 measures:


  • Emotion: neutral, happy, frustrated, angry, sad
  • Positivity: negative → neutral → positive
  • Strength: calm → normal → excited

In addition, callER detects when agents are being polite vs. rude, when customers are engaged vs. withdrawn, and agent–customer mutual influence. And it monitors both sides of the conversation, providing trends and interaction statistics. ER technology is used synergistically with traditional analytics to showcase:


  • Call Events: speaker talk times, silence, talk-over, beeps, rings, DTMF
  • Speaker Traits & Demographics: language, gender, age group
  • Sound & Speech Quality: unintelligible, poor, fair, good, excellent

All these technologies and metrics are leveraged to accurately, swiftly, and affordably measure:


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Agent Performance
  • Propensity to Buy/Donate
  • Overall Call Success


These metrics are tailored to specific industry requirements, to ensure they are instrumental in helping our customers achieve their objectives: increasing existing customer retention and loyalty and new customer acquisition, reducing agent training costs and churn, and generally improving the end-customer experience and call success.


The following video showcases callER‘s capabilities:

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