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callER Demo

Get a sneak peak of our call analytics technologies on your audio data!


Upload your call-center audio recording and visualize the emotion/behavioral analytics and associated KPIs for your data. Submit a simple channel call recording (with both speakers mixed) as it is typically saved by your recording solution. Load the audio file from your computer or portable device by pressing the “Load Audio” button at the top menu and press “Submit”. Once the file is uploaded you will be able to listen to the recording while the file is being processed. Note: Audio file format must be a WAV file containing uncompressed 16-bit pcm audio sampled at 8kHz.


Once available, results are presented graphically: demographic information for each speaker, overall sound quality estimate, various KPI metrics in the range of 0-100 for customer (in the top pane) and agent (bottom panel), discrete emotions and behaviors (bars with values ranging between 0 and 1), diarization results (blue for customer, red for agent) and talk time summary for each speaker.


Disclaimer: Please note that processing time is not representative of the actual processing time of the callER service or stand-alone product. Highly optimized versions are available for both cloud and on premises installations.

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