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Call Centers

Let’s say you oversee a call center with 20 agents; you’re recording all of these calls, and you’re even listening to some of them for real-time feedback, but it’s impossible to be on all of them at once. Let alone if you had hundreds of agents. Right now, you are likely relying on lagging metrics for success (e.g., call time, customer surveys). And then you go back to the calls and listen to a percentage to get the proper context of what went on.


Now, envision the same call center but with our analytics product, callER. In near real-time, 100% of your calls are analyzed with the most important KPIs, extracted directly from your agents’ and customers’ voices and their interaction patterns. It’s a powerful tool that will save our customers’ time and money and add value immediately and increase in value over time.


Good/bad call detector


Coaching/Agent training




Customer Journey

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