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Behavioral Signals and Twilio

Using Twilio, you can build apps that communicate with everyone in the world. Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication APIs for every application *.

Can you imagine adding emotional intelligence to that? Capturing behaviors and analyzing emotions to find out what’s the follow-up action?

Our award winning emotion recognition technology can now be fully integrated with any voice-based Twilio application. And it can give you unique insights into the conversations or messages that mostly matter to you. It’s just a matter of a few lines of code and you can make your Twilio app emotionally intelligent. Let Twilio post the audio recordings to our Oliver API platform, in the cloud, will do the rest for you in a few moments.

It can identify all interesting events during the interaction: did your client get frustrated at some point? was the caller possibly short-tempered? or possibly rude? Is indeed your lead willing to buy or the debtor willing to pay? Get all these and other industry-specific KPIs in machine readable format for all your Twilio calls or voice messages and make decisions that are emotion-informed for real. It’s Behavioral Signals and Twilio, integrated.

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