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Behavioral Profile Pairing

Matching agents with customers leads to meaningfully improved call outcomes and better customer experiences

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Behavioral Signals Agent-Customer Matching
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Gartner includes the Behavioral Profile Pairing case-study in their June’20 report 3 Best Practices for Product Managers to Drive Adoption of Emotion AI Technology Read more >

Agent Customer Match Behavioral Signals

A Tale of Two People

One day a customer called a company’s support center. He had a problem and was very frustrated. Nikki, the agent who took the call, solved the customer’s problem, and the customer was so happy, and he said such nice things about Nikki and gave a glowing review. Nikki was happy she resolved the issue and found that calls like these are the reason she comes to work every day.

The problem is Nikki never knows what kind of problems will land on her desk and whether she will be able to resolve them. She knows for some issues she won’t be able to help, she will feel frustrated and the customer will get very emotional. And although someone else might have been more suitable to take the specific call she’s left frustrated wondering how she can help the customer.

How many times as a customer, did you come across a company representative that did not understand your needs?

A Transformation

So, like most companies you have a problem matching the right customer with the suitable agent and losing on customer satisfaction and feel-good moments for your agents. Behavioral Profile Pairing AI or agent customer matching can help change that effectively and fast. Jump to the Bank Case Study below for actual numbers.

Whatever the need is, there is always an optimal setting that would allow both sides to reach the desired result. That setting can be attributed to a simple and naturally occurring human factor: the affinity or rapport developed between people. Regardless of the type of business communication (sales call, support, collection) it will always be a business between real humans, where rarely is the affinity identical between two sets of people. Most of us get along better with some types of people while others get along with other types.

Behavioral Signals Agent-Customer matching

The Automation

AI can understand Nikki’s strengths, which problems she can solve and which she isn’t very good at solving. AI can also understand what customers need and what is their emotional and behavioral range, based on previous calls with the customer, and predict whether Nikki is going to be just right for that customer or if someone else is.

– Agent behavioral profile constantly updated from previous analyzed conversations, like strengths, talking style, positivity, emotional charge, and other parameters along with metadata regarding outcomes of calls ie. sale or collection

– Customer behavioral profile analyzed from previous calls and kept on record.

– Oliver identifies the ideal Agent for the incoming Customer using Behavioral Profiling and Pairing AI

– Profiles of both, Agent and Customer, are updated with emotional and behavioral analysis of the new call along with overall call performance score and Customer Satisfaction


Case Study: Agent Customer Matching 20.1% ROI- Behavioral Signals

A large EU national Bank, evaluated Behavioral Signals’ agent customer matching solution to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of their call center. The solution was deployed on premises in a champion/challenger setup demonstrating a significant ROI with an actual increase of active debt restructuring applications by 20.1% in total. On top of that, this improvement was essentially achieved with 7.6% fewer calls, leading to additional cost reductions. In absolute numbers, these results actually correspond to approximately $7.5M USD of additional restructured debt for the Bank over the course of this evaluation.

A call center executive also claimed that interactions between well-matched agents and customers appear to be much smoother overall. “It’s impressive! While walking around in the call-center, one can immediately tell the difference between these agents and the others: the level of tension in their interactions is considerably lower”.

Beyond the Obvious Win-Win

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Beyond the improved performance, positive conversations do end with satisfied customers and fulfilled agents. Treat each customer uniquely and provide them the best service you can offer in order to achieve the results you want. Learn from your best performing agents and focus on positive emotional and behavioral examples to guide everyone’s conversation dynamic.

Employee Attrition by Behavioral Signals

Agent Attrition

Offer your agents a tool that will help them be more effective and satisfied with their work. Avoid disengagement and frustration by allowing them to excel at what they’re good at. Agent Customer Matching can help you build up your people, coach them to perform better, find purpose and fulfilment while you minimise attrition.

Compliance & Reputation by Behavioral Signals

Brand Reputation

A happy customer means brand loyalty and great word of mouth. Everyone wants to tell a good story of a conversation that went well and might lead to a good outcome without frustration and bad feelings. Good conversations accumulate to positive reputation and love for a brand.



Want to read more on agent customer matching (or call routing AI as it’s also known) and where it can be used? Head over to our article on Behavioral Profile Pairing AI and How That Benefits Your Business or contact us now to discuss what we can do for your contact center

3 Best Practices for Product Managers to Drive Adoption of Emotion AI Technology

Gartner includes the Behavioral Profile Pairing case-study in their June’20 report 3 Best Practices for Product Managers to Drive Adoption of Emotion AI Technology. Get the report >

Let us show you how you can achieve higher ROI with Behavioral Profile Pairing AI

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Curated KPIs with Behavioral Signals

Our Curated KPIs

Whether it’s customer experience, quality monitoring or predicting intent we probably have a key performance indicator that can fit your business. If not, we would be more than happy to discuss your pain points and see how our technology can serve your business needs. We will be by your side from development to large scale deployment.

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