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Behavioral Profile, kPTP, Behavioral Signals

Behavioral AI
for Contact Centers

We add behavioral AI to contact centers.
By understanding the behavioral patterns of your customers, you maximize revenue by knowing who to call when, focusing on customers with higher propensity to pay (PTP) avoiding costly follow-up calls.

Penny for your thoughts

Can you tell when someone is honest? Interested? Committed?

  • Our data shows close to 60% of all verbal commitments to complete a payment or purchase fall through, despite all the right words having been said.
  • We take the guesswork out of decoding your customer‚Äôs actual intent with our state-of-the-art Emotion and Behavior Analytics technologies.
  • Our platform is easy to use and proven to help you boost efficiency, reduce cost, save time and make everyone happy. So, …no penny required.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Schedule calls to maximize incoming rates
  • Improve first call resolution by improved customer targeting based on their behavioral patterns
  • Reduce follow-up calls based on customer PTP score
  • Add empathy to your call center by predicting customer behavior and taking action
  • Improve customer satisfaction and minimize complaints by predicting customer behavior and taking action
  • Be effective by tracking the PTP score of every customer, with every new call
  • Evaluate the quality of a portfolio (for buyers) and make better revenue predictions using realistic PTP estimates

How many Promises To Pay
will lead to actual payment or purchase?

This number affects:

  • Your call center efficiency, productivity, and cost when scheduling outgoing calls
  • The cost of unnecessary repeat calls (8%) to customers with real intent to pay/purchase
  • Your agent performance evaluation: accurately drive results, minimise churn rate, burnout
  • The actual calculation of financial targets, know your real bottom line

What we know:

  • Close to 60% of promises to pay fall through
  • You reduce customer satisfaction with redundant calls when there is intent to pay/purchase
  • Agents inaccurately record up to 20% of Promises-To-Pay due to misunderstanding, fatigue, subjectivity, distraction

‘Hear’ between the lines [HOW WE DO IT]

Having analyzed tens of thousands of calls associated with specific outcomes, (e.g., customer promised and in fact made payment), we apply our award-winning technology to pick up on subtle voice patterns in real-time from the audio signal of a call. Using a state-of-the-art deep learning approach, we have built powerful predictive models linking the rich set of behavioral properties tracked during each interaction, with the customer’s underlying propensity to pay and an agent’s overall performance.

We read subconscious vocal signals (voice tells) to reveal agent incitement and customer satisfaction, factors that help us identify the behavioral patterns of both the Customer and Agent. For example, when a call contains a promise to pay or to buy, by analyzing agent and customer voices for acoustic cues (such as intonation, and interaction patterns like speaker’s dominance), our platform measures if this promise will translate into a payment with 90% precision. Accurate predictions of payments (kept promises) leads to better revenue estimates, improved call scheduling, and improved RoI.

We hear how a promise is made.

Behavioral Signals & meilo screenshot: capturing emotions
Behavioral Signals - Credibility of PTP


Credibility of PTPs

We analyzed 2M calls from First Call’s contact center. 15% of those calls were marked by the agent as promise-to-pay calls. We automatically analyzed the recordings to determine the credibility of these promises. Our deep learning engine was able to detect with 90% precision the calls that actually led to payments, as promised.

We improved targeted follow-up calling that lead to 5% revenue increase with 2% cost savings.

Penny wise and pound foolish? [BENEFITS]

Behavioral Signals algorithms process human emotions and behaviors, deciphering data to give you credible actionable information. We help you add real numbers and measurable value to your company.

  • A new metric (kPTP = kept Promise to Pay) to calculate payments and purchases with 90% precision
  • Predict actual Promises-To-Pay and course correct monthly/weekly targets with data-based decisions
  • Take action on probable unreliable Promises
  • Improve agent time management, efficiency, and satisfaction
  • Accurately evaluate your agents’ performance to drive results, minimise churn rate, burnout
  • Raise your credibility and corporate reputation by predicting exact outcomes
  • Monitor 100% of calls with 0% effort
  • Monitor agent performance cross-referencing probably unreliable Promises
  • Measure the real effectiveness of your call center
  • Increase first call issue resolution
  • Reduce the average handle time of calls
  • Increase customer satisfaction and slash unnecessary repeat calls cost by 50%
  • Evaluate the quality of a portfolio