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Agent Behavioral Performance Score

Understand your agents ability to display empathy, build rapport, and create relationships that will influence customer behavior

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Agent Performance Score by Behavioral Signals
Agent Performance Evaluation by Behavioral Signals

Agent Behavioral Performance Evaluation

Behavioral Signals next generation analytics technology measures and quantifies human emotions and behaviors to give you credible actionable information. We help you add real numbers and measurable value to your company. A great sales or customer service representative has a high EQ (degree of emotional intelligence) to display empathy, build rapport, and create relationships that will influence customer behavior and lead to improved results. Contcat centers that cultivate and capitalize on these skills drive higher profit margins and grow faster than the competition.

The Technology

Our deep learning AI technology uses the what and how something is being said, on both sides of the conversation, to measure an agent’s performance and overall quality of conversation. It listens to your agent or sales rep —and the customer— in order to capture and measure politeness, composure (calm vs agitated), empathy towards the customer, customer’s reactions, and overall speaking style like slow, fast, engaged or disengaged, in order to calculate the Agent Behavioral Performance Score. It’s a score based on behavioral performance and the analysis can be conducted on a batch of calls or real-time.

A Score that can Boost Efficiency and Performance

Agent Training by Behavioral Signals

Agent Training

Monitor agents’ performance and decode the conversational content that emotionally resonates with your customers. Train agents’ soft skills focusing on positive emotional and behavioral examples to influence their conversation dynamic. Increase agents’ emotional intelligence and enhance their sales performance.

Compliance & Reputation by Behavioral Signals

Compliance & Reputation

Make sure your agents comply with government regulations and company guidelines. We can help you take immediate action to intervene during an interaction to minimize emotional escalation and avoid legal action by predicting potential lawsuits and complaints before they are made. Preserve your good reputation.

Employee Attrition by Behavioral Signals

Employee Attrition

Understand agents emotions and behavior, identify disengaged and frustrated agents so you can take direct and meaningful action. Behavioral prediction can help you build up your people, coach them to perform better, find purpose and fulfillment while you minimize attrition.

Ask us to process a limited number of agent calls for a behavioral performance evaluation score and compare our results against your own data

Looking for ASR or basic Speech Analytics to get you started?

Oliver ASR

Oliver ASR+

Looking for a credible ASR solution? Utilize Oliver’s powerful ASR and add to the mix PCI detection and redaction (always important to protect personal data), keyword spotting, topic detection, conversation summary, and our prime offering… emotion recognition.

OLIVER API offering

Oliver API

Feeling confident in working with APIs and raw outputs? Whether it’s for a virtual assistant on a mobile phone, on the web, in a car, on a smart speaker, or for a social robot, you can now design and build engaging interactions that can seamlessly benefit from our internationally acclaimed speech emotion recognition technology. Introduce Emotion AI for Voice with our robust and fast evolving OliverAPI

Curated KPIs with Behavioral Signals

Our Curated KPIs

Whether it’s customer experience, quality monitoring or predicting intent we probably have a key performance indicator that can fit your business. If not, we would be more than happy to discuss your pain points and see how our technology can serve your business needs. We will be by your side from development to large scale deployment.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve got the data we have the smart solution for you!

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