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Emotions drive our behaviors, attitudes and actions  towards people and products in our everyday lives. Forever, human emotion has been considered impossible to quantify, impossible to measure. No longer. Our callER analytics suite absorbs data from calls and live interactions and thanks to proprietary IP it is able to translate the qualitative into the quantitative. Bring emotion recognition and behavioral signal processing into your services and products today!




Our award-winning emotion recognition and behavioral analytics technology is based on a decade of research at the University of Southern California’s SAIL lab. Using cognitive modeling and advanced machine learning algorithms we understand not only what is being said but also how it is being said, the emotions, intentions, state-of-mind, behaviors of each person. Leveraging huge amounts of data our statistical models predict key performance indicators that are relevant for your business.

For example, quality assurance scores for your call-center, customer satisfaction and loyalty for your products, salesforce scorecards for your agents.







Simple, fast and efficient integration into your application.

Simply push audio data and receive call / interaction emotion / behavioral analytics and core KPIs.


Behavioral Signal Technologies’ API enables third party applications to process collected data in near real-time in the cloud and then provide emotional and demographic insights for consumption by other applications or processes.

Learn about Behavioral Signal Processing and the challenges that the Behavioral Signal team has spent more than two decades investigating. We understand the power of this technology, and we have the vision for how best to advance it into our increasingly technological future.


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Our callER analytics suite uses proprietary technologies to identify core emotions, moods, behaviors and interaction patterns, and translate them into business KPIs for marketing campaigns, customer service call-centers etc.


Recognizing the core emotions of your customers. Are they happy, sad, angry, frustrated? What is the overall emotional disposition of your salesforce and customers: positive vs negative, agitated vs calm.


Recognizing core interactional patterns for both sides of the conversation. Are your customers interested in your offerings, are they engaged in the conversation? Is your salesforce being polite and empathic to your customers?


Estimate key performance indicators for your business for both incoming and outgoing calls: agent performance scorecard, salesforce performance scorecard, propensity to pay/donate, net promoter score, overall call success.